Inspiration. Aspiration. Opportunity.

  •  Creating a new, awesome, destination in the Forest of Dean.  With an attitude.

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We are building the best urban sports experience in the UK

FUSE will be an awesome, purpose built, 40,000sqft indoor skate park with the addition of an amazing gym, soft play and sensory centre, climbing wall, outdoor skate park and pump track, picnic and children’s play area and, at it’s hub, a community café serving the best local produce.

By complementing the existing landscape and delivering high standards of design and sustainability, our inclusive, multi-purpose site for health and wellness will be an attractive destination for our local and wider community, and seeks to bring wider benefits to the Forest of Dean.

Built to high standards of design and sustainability, we are looking to create a space that respects and celebrates the local landscape, habitats and cultural heritage whilst bringing wider benefits to the area. 

A hub for community, healthy living, tourism and leisure will be developed and delivered through partnership and engagement with stakeholders, developers and the local public.

A hub which has broad support that will meet our guiding principles and realise the full potential of our vision of becoming the best urban sports experience in the UK.

Our Principles

An all-year round experience

  • Indoor Skatepark and Shop
  • Indoor Parkour
  • Gym
  • Sensory Play
  • On-site Cafe
  • Climbing Wall
  • Mountain Bike Hire
  • Free to use events venue
  • Outdoor Skatepark
  • Outdoor Picnic and Play

We are looking to raise aspirations within our local community and create a generation of young people who have the drive and skill to meet local needs.

We may as well have a bit of fun whilst we do it!

 Our Principles 
'​The 5 F'S'


There is suffering in life, but the way to a good life is not in letting it be endless suffering. For a good life, we need to find a way out of that, to find our bliss, our happiness - to have FUN! 


The definition of family has evolved, but its importance remains. It's about sharing things together and creating bonds and attachments so that children feel they belong in the family and have routines and traditions.


Spending time with friends is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Healthy relationships make ageing more enjoyable, lessen grief, and provide camaraderie to help you reach personal goals, among other things.


Recognising that holistic wellbeing is important for healthy, well-rounded individuals; and that fitness encompasses physical, emotional AND mental health and wellbeing.


FUSE will continue to add value to the community we serve long into in the distant future. Creating a sustainable business that will ensure we do our bit for climate change plus lead the way for others to be green in business and create a better environment for future generations.

 Our Principles 
'​The 5 F'S'

Providing opportunities for work and learning.

Providing a space for families to enjoy quality time together, whatever the weather.

Raising levels of engagement with young people.

Raising the aspirations of our local community.